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September Book Wrap Up: Challenging Reads, Diverse Reads…and Magic??

I read so many books that were polar opposites this month. Let’s see how it all adds up.

August Book Wrap Up: The Month of Short Reads

My mind was elsewhere this month, and though I wanted to read, I only got in one and a half audiobooks and one longer chapter book. But that’s alright! No shame there. When the mind wants shorter books, there’s plenty of gold mines to… Continue Reading “August Book Wrap Up: The Month of Short Reads”

July Book Wrap Up (The Month of Many Stars)

Six of Crows – Leigh Bardugo 4 out of 5 Stars This was my first book by Leigh Bardugo, and I really enjoyed it. All of the characters were unique and balanced in terms of skills and personalities. I would say this is in… Continue Reading “July Book Wrap Up (The Month of Many Stars)”

May AND June Book Wrap Up Because Well…

While the world went even more down the pooper during these months, I didn’t really spend my time reading or writing much of anything. Most of the books I “read” were audiobooks. So I decided to do a two-month wrap up instead. Also here… Continue Reading “May AND June Book Wrap Up Because Well…”

Making a Mood Board Review for ‘House of Salt and Sorrows’

Hi everyone, how’s it going? Are you resting? Are you actively signing petitions? Link at the bottom for some you can sign. Don’t be shy. Black lives matter! ‘House of Salt and Sorrows’ by Erin A. Craig Although I felt like this book was… Continue Reading “Making a Mood Board Review for ‘House of Salt and Sorrows’”

Why You Should (Always) Read Middle Grade and YA Books

Hey guys, it’s been a while. But I’ve been doing a lot of reading. A lot of YA and Middle Grade reading. And I’ve been thinking about why I believe it’s so valuable to read these genres as an adult. It may seem strange… Continue Reading “Why You Should (Always) Read Middle Grade and YA Books”

Book Wrap Up (February): Good and Bad Books

Hello everyone! I finally got my reading butt into gear this month, even though it was a short one. If you’d like a full review for any of the books below that don’t have one already, let me know! I’d love to extend my… Continue Reading “Book Wrap Up (February): Good and Bad Books”

Book Review: Fireborne Reignited My Love of YA

A Light Review (No Spoilers) Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars If you’d like to read my spoiler review section, keep reading through to the section titled “Into the Fire.” So many YA books start before the revolution, but this one takes place several… Continue Reading “Book Review: Fireborne Reignited My Love of YA”

Book Review: Wilder Girls Is Not Quite the Wild Ride I Wanted

I read the book Wilder Girls by Rory Power, and while this book was super-hyped, I was majorly disappointed.

Beautiful Creatures Is a Wannabe “I’m Not Like Other Girls” Mess

This has been on my shelf for so long, and now that I’ve finally read it, I’m wondering is it even relevant anymore? Let’s talk about it.