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August Book Wrap Up: The Month of Short Reads

My mind was elsewhere this month, and though I wanted to read, I only got in one and a half audiobooks and one longer chapter book. But that’s alright! No shame there. When the mind wants shorter books, there’s plenty of gold mines to… Continue Reading “August Book Wrap Up: The Month of Short Reads”

Making a Mood Board Review for ‘House of Salt and Sorrows’

Hi everyone, how’s it going? Are you resting? Are you actively signing petitions? Link at the bottom for some you can sign. Don’t be shy. Black lives matter! ‘House of Salt and Sorrows’ by Erin A. Craig Although I felt like this book was… Continue Reading “Making a Mood Board Review for ‘House of Salt and Sorrows’”

Book Wrap Up (April): Slow and Nostalgic Reading in Quarantine

Reading Nostalgic Books to Stay Sane I don’t know about you but reading has been very different since the lock-down. Right now I have a short attention span, and I really just want to be sucked into whatever I’m reading. That’s why for April… Continue Reading “Book Wrap Up (April): Slow and Nostalgic Reading in Quarantine”

Book Review: Fireborne Reignited My Love of YA

A Light Review (No Spoilers) Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars If you’d like to read my spoiler review section, keep reading through to the section titled “Into the Fire.” So many YA books start before the revolution, but this one takes place several… Continue Reading “Book Review: Fireborne Reignited My Love of YA”

Beautiful Creatures Is a Wannabe “I’m Not Like Other Girls” Mess

This has been on my shelf for so long, and now that I’ve finally read it, I’m wondering is it even relevant anymore? Let’s talk about it.

Response To: “The Decade in Young Adult Fiction” by Slate

Is YA Fiction Eating Itself Alive? As someone who grew up as a teenager during the last decade, the state of YA Fiction is something near and dear to my heart. But I’m also a writer, and a writer of YA Fiction, so I… Continue Reading “Response To: “The Decade in Young Adult Fiction” by Slate”

Sex In YA Fantasy Part Two: How Fantasy Can Change Young Adults

Before reading this, check out Part One of this blog series. “When I started working as a child abuse and neglect family therapist…one quick conclusion I came to was that until we are willing and able to talk openly about sex in this culture—healthy… Continue Reading “Sex In YA Fantasy Part Two: How Fantasy Can Change Young Adults”

Sex In Young Adult Fantasy (Part 1)

An Overview Oh boy. This is a tricky topic for so many people. Should writers put sex in their books? How should it be portrayed? Are the relationships healthy? Is the sex safe? Is it consensual? Instead of just writing off the conversation as… Continue Reading “Sex In Young Adult Fantasy (Part 1)”

YA Fantasy Title Generator

I’ve been noticing a trend with YA books. Especially Fantasy YA books. Titles commonly consist of this formula: “NOUN Of NOUN And NOUN.” Examples: Court Of Thorns And Roses, Children Of Blood And Bone, House Of Salt And Sorrows — the list goes on.… Continue Reading “YA Fantasy Title Generator”