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Beautiful Creatures Is a Wannabe “I’m Not Like Other Girls” Mess

This has been on my shelf for so long, and now that I’ve finally read it, I’m wondering is it even relevant anymore? Let’s talk about it.

Sex In Young Adult Fantasy (Part 1)

An Overview Oh boy. This is a tricky topic for so many people. Should writers put sex in their books? How should it be portrayed? Are the relationships healthy? Is the sex safe? Is it consensual? Instead of just writing off the conversation as… Continue Reading “Sex In Young Adult Fantasy (Part 1)”

Response To: “Four Sexist Themes From the Wheel of Time”

If you’ve never heard of The Wheel of Time, you better prepare yourself. It’s regarded as one of the foundational fantasy series, written by Robert Jordan and later Brandon Sanderson (after Jordan’s death). There are fourteen books and a prequel, and most of them… Continue Reading “Response To: “Four Sexist Themes From the Wheel of Time””