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Sex In Young Adult Fantasy (Part 1)

An Overview Oh boy. This is a tricky topic for so many people. Should writers put sex in their books? How should it be portrayed? Are the relationships healthy? Is the sex safe? Is it consensual? Instead of just writing off the conversation as… Continue Reading “Sex In Young Adult Fantasy (Part 1)”

Fiction Friday #4: Write the Prompt With Me!

The Prompt Today’s prompt is from Deep Water Prompts. I liked this one just because it was simple and intrigued me. What kind of person would be looking for necromancy books, especially advanced? And where would they be looking? This one got a little… Continue Reading “Fiction Friday #4: Write the Prompt With Me!”

What I’ve Learned About Giving Up Books

Finishing Books Just To Finish Them All of my younger life I felt like I could never EVER give up a book. Even if I hated it. Even if the writing was terrible. Even if I didn’t enjoy a thing about it. I remember… Continue Reading “What I’ve Learned About Giving Up Books”

YA Fantasy Title Generator

I’ve been noticing a trend with YA books. Especially Fantasy YA books. Titles commonly consist of this formula: “NOUN Of NOUN And NOUN.” Examples: Court Of Thorns And Roses, Children Of Blood And Bone, House Of Salt And Sorrows — the list goes on.… Continue Reading “YA Fantasy Title Generator”

Fiction Friday #3: Write the Prompt With Me!

The Prompt This week’s writing prompt is brought to you by Prompturarium.wordpress.com. They have a lot of great writing prompt ideas on their site that you should definitely check out if you’re interested. I tweaked this one a little (changed 23 years to 10… Continue Reading “Fiction Friday #3: Write the Prompt With Me!”

Writing Tips: Overusing Figurative Language In Fantasy Writing

I’ve been trudging through the book The Crystilleries of Echoland by Dew Pellucid, a Fantasy children’s chapter book. So far it’s about a kid named Will who lives in a world where a lot of people, including his twin sister, are being kidnapped without… Continue Reading “Writing Tips: Overusing Figurative Language In Fantasy Writing”

Fiction Friday #2: Flash Fiction Writing Prompt

The Prompt The prompt this week comes from author Tomi Adeyemi, who wrote Children of Blood and Bone. Fantastic book by the way. Definitely check it out if you haven’t. Part of the fun is writing a piece for yourself too! Challenge yourself to… Continue Reading “Fiction Friday #2: Flash Fiction Writing Prompt”

Writing Tips: Why You Should Write Down Your Dreams

After a night of crazy dreams, I wrote them in my journal and thought, Wow, this would be a really great story. This isn’t the first time I’ve had this thought, and it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve used my dreams and nightmares… Continue Reading “Writing Tips: Why You Should Write Down Your Dreams”

Writing Tips: 5 Tips For Writing a First Draft

1. Keep Moving Forward (Don’t Edit Prematurely) The number one reason I hear when people talk about why they can’t write is, “I just can’t finish because I keep going back to edit what I’ve written.” Editing your book before finishing a full draft… Continue Reading “Writing Tips: 5 Tips For Writing a First Draft”

Writing Tips: 23 Questions For Character Building

Character building is more than just appearances. Here are a list of 23 questions to ask for every character you’re writing — for any genre. As well as some examples to help get your thought process flowing. 1. What Is Their Earliest Memory? with… Continue Reading “Writing Tips: 23 Questions For Character Building”