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How to Go Vegan and Stay Vegan

Though I live in Los Angeles now — the Vegan Wonderland of the US — I didn’t always live in a place where Vegan food was abundant. In Indiana where I grew up, meat-eating was a staple for every meal. Vegetarians were few and… Continue Reading “How to Go Vegan and Stay Vegan”

Reviewing Restaurants in LA: Âu Lac

History of Âu Lac in LA Âu Lac is a plant-based Vietnamese restaurant originally starting Fountain Valley, CA in 1997 by Mai Nguyen. After overcoming serious illnesses by adopting a plant-based diet, Nguyen decided to spread awareness for healthy food in the community. Chef… Continue Reading “Reviewing Restaurants in LA: Âu Lac”

Reviewing Restaurants in LA: Donut Friend

History of Donut Friend in LA Donut Friend is an all-vegan donut, ice cream, and coffee shop located in Downtown Los Angeles. They’ve been around for about six years now and also have a location in Highland Park. Their slogan is “Donuts Done Differently”… Continue Reading “Reviewing Restaurants in LA: Donut Friend”