6 Amazing Hiking Spots in Los Angeles

If you’re anything like me, hiking would not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of LA. But there are actually some amazing spots that double as famous landmarks as well.

If you’re into seeing some gorgeous mountains and spending a few hours outside, these spots are for you.

1. Griffith Park (The Hollywood Sign)

Hiking the Hollywood Sign
Image by Roberto Nickson

You’ve probably seen the sign a thousand times, but did you know you had to hike to get there? There are several paths to take, each varying in different lengths and difficulty. The most common is about 4 miles total on a dusty path.

The one I’ve taken is about 8 miles and leads you through a smaller path up some serious inclines and through shrubbery. Was it even a path? Maybe.

Also don’t be too disappointed when you end up behind the Hollywood sign. There’s a spot to take fun pictures just about a mile before you reach the top of the hills.

You also get amazing views of downtown, not too far away. If you’d like to learn more about this hiking spot, visit their official website.

Features of the Hike

  • Take pictures with the Hollywood sign
  • Visit the Observatory
  • Uphill climb and downhill on the way back
  • Option to do more or less miles
View from Hollywood sign
Image by Richard James

2. Angeles National Forest

View from Angeles National Forest
View from Angeles National Forest

For gorgeous mountain views, this is the place for you. The path up the mountain was very straight forward (8 miles). There are many paths you can take, and some great sights along the way,

Angeles National Forest covers over 700,000 acres of land. The elevations range from 1,000-10,000 feet! You can hike part of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), or you can just enjoy trekking over their 557 trail miles.

Be warned, the elevation can affect some people’s breathing. To learn more about the hiking spot, check out their official website.

Features of the Hike

  • High elevation views
  • Hike Part of the PCT
  • Interesting wildlife
  • Easy-hard hikes available.
View from Angeles National Forest
Hike view from Angeles National Forest

3. Elysian Park (The Secret Swing)

Hiking trail for Elysian Park

There’s a couple trails to choose from at this park, all of which are varying degrees of elevation and difficulty. You also get to see plenty of palm tree-filled parks and the city skyline.

There’s also the secret swing at the top of the hill. Swing right over the freeway and take cute pictures. Be careful if you take the hike up, because it’s super sandy and slippery. Make sure you wear good traction shoes or you’ll end up on your butt like me! If you want more information about this park, check out their official website.

View from Elysian Park

Features of the Hike

  • Plenty of different sights and landscapes
  • Several different types of hikes for all levels
  • The swing!
The secret swing featuring Mitchell

4. Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park

View at Vasquez Rocks

Vasquez rocks is a great desert hike for people who don’t mind getting lost. The trails are not very well marked, but there are tons of fun rocks to climb. Just be sure to keep track of where you are.

An extra fun feature about this location is that many movies and films have been filmed here. Check out their film showcase board at the entrance to see how many you know! If you’d like to know more about this park, check out their official website.

The boys climbing to the top of the rocks

Features of the Hike

  • Great rocks to climb
  • An open space to explore
  • Sight seeing where many movies and shows were filmed!

6. Vista Hermosa Natural Park

This park is a nice walking spot for the inner-city dwellers. For those not into rock climbing or not wanting to leave the city, this would be the hike for you.

Explore the pathways, take pictures of the fountain area, or have a picnic with Downtown as your backdrop!

Features of the Hike

  • Easy trails to walk
  • Great for people in the city to get away
  • Relaxing area to spend the afternoon

Final Thoughts

What are some of your favorite hiking spots in your area? If you have any more hiking recommendations to hit up in LA, let me know so I can check them out!

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