Do You Have the Right to Follow Your Dreams: Contemplating You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

I recently finished the book, You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness by Jen Sincero, in which she motivates people to overcome the mindset of “can’t” to manifest the greatness of “I did.” As someone who desperately has been trying to figure out her financial situation, this book offers what seems like an outrageous solution: we can change our reality when we change our mindset.

You might live in a different country where following your dreams and passions isn’t a priority. Even in America, where we’re known for being people like that, to me it’s always been a fight between my dreams and reality. I don’t know how I feel about manifestation and the law of attraction. But I do know that I work hard and believe that stranger things have happened than a young girl from Indiana making it in the whole new world of Los Angeles.

Do we really have the right to follow our dreams?

Can we really overcome our obstacles by changing our thoughts?

Loans, Debt, and Fear

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

College presents problems for many people pursing their dream jobs. I have over 17,000 dollars in student loan debt from going to a private college that didn’t really give me the tools I needed to do my job. But what I haven’t been taught, I’ve been learning on my own.

The class of 2018 (my class) graduated with an average of 29,800 dollars in student loan debt. How can we follow any kind of dream when we are under the crippling weight of paying of loans and we can’t even find jobs? I can already feel the fear bubbling up inside of me.

Our greatest fears are the greatest waste of time.

Jen Sincero, You Are a Badass

Sometimes doubt tells me that it would be selfish to do what I’m passionate about for a career. Who am I to follow my dreams? But I was born with the passion to help people through my writing and art.

This is the starting point. Choosing to believe your talents are worth sharing with the world.

Making Money Over Following Passions

Image by Thought Catalog

When I told people I was an English and Art major, they looked at me sideways and kind of muttered under their breath, “Good luck living on the streets.”

I always found this kind of odd. There were plenty of authors and illustrators who were doing just fine. Although I know there were probably just as many who were not doing fine at all. What was the difference between these people? Talent? Mindset? Determination?

We are drawn to things we’re naturally good at (which counts more than having a graduate degree in the subject, BTW)

Jen Sincero, You Are a Badass

All my life, I’ve rejected the idea that we can’t make money doing what we love. I’ve watched so many people give up what they consider hobbies to pursue a career in a field they don’t really care about.

I’ve also heard incredible stories about people dropping out of college or not being accepted in their desired field, just to become prolific in the area within a few years. Are these flukes?

We choose to continue following our passions, even when it’s hard.

Jobs and Salaries

Image by Kate Sade

Motivated by fear of losing a place to live, I applied to more and more jobs that were further from what I actually want to be doing.

There was a small voice in my head saying, “You’ve already applied for the job you’re going to get.” But it was easier and safer to just keep applying. Turns out that little voice was right.

The job I now have is still in the preliminary internship stage. Even though it’s something I love to do (graphic design and writing), I’m not getting enough money to live.

What do we do in tough situations like this? I could easily quit and find another job that pays, but the promise of this job that both pays and is what I want to do… Is that worth struggling for two months? With the weight of my debt hanging over my shoulders, it becomes easier to hide away from opportunities that could change my life.

Look for some opportunity or person to make an appearance that’s not in your usual path of income. You are leaping into a new reality here — it’s not your job to know the how; it’s your job to ask for what you want and wait to discover the how, then take action.

Jen Sincero, You Are a Badass

Pursuing our dreams often becomes overshadowed by our situation and fears.

Privilege and Cycles of Wealth

Image by Wei Ding

My family was privileged to have a house in a nice neighborhood and enough money to go out to eat once a week. There are many people who have more money, and a lot more people have less.

Is it possible to overcome our situations by just being the last one standing? Sincero makes the point that people from wealthy families have fallen into poverty, and people from poverty have risen up into wealth. How many people just stay where they are?

If you’re serious about changing your life, you’ll find a way. If you’re not, you’ll find an excuse.

Jen Sincero, You Are a Badass

Money talk can be difficult for people. We have deep-seeded feelings about wealth that I believe can impact how we treat people and use our money.

But really, money is a tool, and just like any other tool, money can be used for evil or for great things.

Making the World a Better Place

Image by Sasha Freemind

I want to change the world for the better. I know a lot of other people do too. What if we lived in a world where people could do what they were always meant to do — and they got paid for it too?

You are the only you there is and ever will be. Do not deny the world its one and only chance to bask in your brilliance.

Jen Sincero, You Are a Badass

If anything, this book has helped me change my mindset about myself. I do believe that I was created with a unique purpose. And I believe you were too.

Do you have dreams you want to follow? Do you think it’s possible to achieve greatness in this world?

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