Game Corner: 5 Reasons to Play Escaped Chasm Today (and One Reason You Shouldn’t)

After my second run of Undertale, I was searching for a new RPG-style game, which are few and far between these days. That’s when I came across Escaped Chasm. After spending an afternoon playing the game, I realized more people needed to experience it for themselves.

Escaped Chasm Logo
Escaped Chasm by Temmie

1. Temmie Helped Create the Amazing Game Undertale

If you’ve ever played Undertale, whose main creator is Toby Fox, you may remember the adorable monster named Temmie.

Toby Fox’s “Temmie” from Undertale

Temmie is actually one of the people who created some of the monsters throughout Undertale. She’s credited as the main artistic assistant and made the heart-wrenching sepia-tone prologue that plays whenever you start the game.

Now Temmie has made her first RPG-maker game. If you ever played Undertale and fell in love with the Temmie monsters, you should definitely check out her game.

2. It’s Free

How can you not give this game a try when it’s free?

The game can be downloaded by following this link to her website. It’s available for Mac and PC. There’s still a couple kinks that are being worked out, but for being free the game is very well-polished.

Before downloading, you have the option to donate $2 to her for creating the game, but this is optional.

3. The Multiple Art Styles Are Visually Stimulating

Dream Sequence, Escaped Chasm

If you ever played the Professor Layton series, you’ll be familiar with the concept of using different art styles throughout a game. Similarly, Escaped Chasm has video clips, still-image drawings, and a retro-style game world where you can interact with your environment. Certain events will trigger the video clips, some of which are in full color and others (like above) are in a stylistic, sketchy black and white.

These different styles lend themselves well to the game, adding extra interest and motivating me to find all of the secrets to trigger them. Even though the game takes place in a single setting, it feels larger and more impactful from these art styles.

4. The Story Is Unique and Captivating

Characters interact in a bedroom.
Fourth Day, Escaped Chasm

Escaped Chasm is about an artistic girl who finds herself alone in her house, abandoned by her parents. As the days go by, stranger events start happening, and only you can decide what her fate will be.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I played this game, but I was very surprised at where the story ended up going. If you like fantasy, dreamscape games, you’ll definitely love this one.

My first run through the game left me wanting more, so I kept exploring the environment and tried to find all the secrets. The story is fully embedded in everything you interact with, so it’s great to try to piece things together for yourself.

5. It’s Super Short But Has Multiple Endings

Third Day, Escaped Chasm

One of my most disappointing moments with this game is realizing I chose the happiest ending first. Then when I went back to find the other endings, they just got more and more depressing. Even so, each ending is warranted, and they all come with their own special scene or animation.

The mood is pretty grim, and the main character kind of reminds me of Sadness from Inside Out. But if you find the right ending, it actually goes pretty well for our glasses-wearing protagonist.

Bonus (Why You Shouldn’t): The Same Song Plays Over and Over

As much as I enjoyed this game, there was one thing that drove me absolutely crazy. It plays the same song continuously. There are small scenes where variations of the song play — which is great and very smart to do. But each day starts with a song that drills itself into my brain.

The only way to stop from going completely insane is to sing along with it. And boy, I could do that after about five minutes of listening to it. Because it starts from the beginning after entering each room. And each day. And after each different sequence.

If you think you can handle that, I would definitely give this game a go. It’s unique and thought-provoking, and it’s great to support independent artists.

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