Short Story Press Release: “Red”

Short story “Red” is now available on amazon
“Red” is now available on Amazon

The second installment of the Nightmare Series is now available for Amazon Kindle. If you have Kindle Unlimited, it’s also available for free!

Background for “Red”

“Red” takes place entirely on the train commute to work. Though originating from a dream, this story is told from a male first-perceptive.

If I was to analyze this dream, I would say that it probably stemmed from my fascination with Greek and Roman mythology. Anyone familiar with the story of Sisyphus and Prometheus might recognize a similar theme throughout this story.

“Red” cover design, train surrounded by red foliage
“Red” cover design by me

“Even through the blur, I could already tell that traffic in the streets below had come to a standstill. The coldness was seeping through the poorly bolted window, and a sharp hiss verified that air was coming through.”

Kristen Kois, “Red”

Designing the Cover for “Red”

For the cover design, I wanted to use the natural red lighting from a train at night, since that’s where the story takes place. The train is also shrouded in misty, red foliage that directly contrasts with the cityscape of the background.

Maybe things are not always as they seem?

You can buy a copy for yourself by following this link to Amazon. Feel free to leave a review or comments in this blog if you read it! And don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

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