Artist Feature: Mitchell Kois’ Short Film “The Audition”

The release of Mitchell Kois’ second short film “The Audition” is now available via Vimeo. Check out the video by following this link. Mitchell Kois is a writer, director, and actor from South Bend, Indiana. He is a recent graduate from Indiana University, Bloomington, where he studied film. After a semester in Los Angeles, he knew that he would eventually return to California, and he has recently made that move in the pursuit of larger projects.

Poster for “The Audition” by Kristen Kois
Poster for “The Audition” // Poster designed by Kristen Kois

“The Audition” is about a band (featuring the local Bloomington band Window Love) who are humorously harassed by a judge during a competition audition. It’s witty, funny, and uncomfortable in all of the best ways.

On Set with the Crew for “The Audition”

I had the honor of helping the crew one day write down what scenes and cuts they were on as they filmed. It was so exciting to see what really goes on behind the scenes of a short film.

They filmed in a local bar and used musicians from the Bloomington area. While there was a clear script that most characters were following, the judge played by Rick Romanek improvised a majority of his lines and actions, making for a quirky and hilarious run-through.

It was hard for many of the crew members to not laugh as Ricky danced around the room — and though it doesn’t seem like it in the short film, most of his dancing cuts were done without music.

Living with a Film Writer, Director, and Actor

Mitchell, being my partner in crime, has always shared his ideas with me. I’ve watched him mess with the same scene thirty times only for Adobe to shut down and losing all of his progress. He has a keen eye for the vision he wants to achieve in his films, and he knows what looks good, whether in shots or editing.

He has several larger feature projects in the making, including a semi-biographical piece about a girl and cancer, and a story of a pirate musician running from his past. With a combination of passionate story-telling and action, these are sure to be hits.

If you haven’t yet, you should definitely check out the video and see it for yourself. It’s a great time of laughs and a quality, catchy song as well.

Backing on Kickstarter

Support the film by going to Kickstarter
You can support this film by helping out on Kickstarter.

Mitchell is currently raising money for this project on Kickstarter so that he will be able to submit it to film festivals (which can be pricey so they can weed out the legitimate entries). If you’re interested in backing him, you can receive a producer credit on the project. Super cool.

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