Short Story Press Release: “Bottlenecked”

Short story “Bottlenecked” available on Kindle
“Bottlenecked” available for Kindle

Nightmares Are the Gateway to Creativity

When I was in my senior year of college, I woke up from nightmares several times a week. After months of this, I decided to do something different than I had done before. Usually I might journal the nightmares. But instead, I sat down at my computer and wrote them like I would write a story.

The way I dream is not what I would call normal. I often dream that I am not myself but someone I don’t even know. So when I started writing these nightmares down as stories, they formed a more cohesive plot, filling in the cracks left from my sleeping mind, and created full-fleshed characters.

Now I am working on a collection of these short stories, releasing each of them with a cover of my own design. I hope that people are able to experience the disorientation and confusion nightmares often bring—but in a more enjoyable way!

You can buy a copy for yourself if you follow this link:

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